We Are Born Of Spirals

I recently discovered this movement, or did I?! Its always been there, its everywhere, tangible & intangible. An ancient symbol which spreads across the globe to all civilisations that have ever existed.

It can be seen in nature, sea shells, snail shells, plants, flowers, the uncurling of a seed, our Earth spins, Galaxies spiral.

It is said to be the Cosmic Spirit or force, life, death, rebirth, continuous creation. We move in a spiralling motion rather than just in a straight line often coming back to the same point as before, it is the souls journey.

I have a few times since being pregnant felt the urge, need to roll my hips, pushing forward, to the sides & to the back, really pushing my bum out, really feeling the movement, making big flowing circles, it becomes quite hypnotic.
Making this movement releases tension from the back, stomach & buttocks, plus feels so beautifully feminine.

I posted a video a few weeks back about which shows a woman using this spiralling movement to birth her baby. I became fascinated by it & did a little research about it.

We are born of spirals, our DNA is sprial, the tail of the sperm is spiral, the baby’s umbilical cord spirals. So therefore if we are born of this then the most natural movement to use to brith the baby into this world must be spriralling.

‘The spiraling that is practiced for natural childbirth is an actual physical movement where you spiral your hips in big flowing circles, it is a very empowering movement that can open the doorway to the primordial connection that exists between your body and the universal birthing energy.’

After reading all that I could find online about this movement & checking in with myself on it, the reading is just to satisfy the analytical brain!
I intuitively know I am so going to use this movement to aid the baby’s birth. It just feels innately the right thing to do, I feel it will deeply connect us (Baby & I) & tune us in to the universal energy waiting to birth.
Plus it will enable me to move the pressure (I am referring to what most call pain as pressure form now on, positive vibes all the way) away from where ever I will be feeling it, drawing my attention inwards, towards self & baby, becoming a form of hynosis which is still wholly centred & connected. It will also on a physical body level support my body & the baby’s therefore letting the baby’s journey be with ease & in tune with the natural rhythms of both our bodies.

‘Creating spiraling movements with the spine and pelvis aligns the vertebrae and nurtures coordination of the body and mind. Spiraling results in the embodied remembering of the natural movements of children free of neuromuscular restrictions.’

‘The most significant movement during labour is the spiral movement of the hips between and during surges(contractions) of energy, waves of strength that bring a baby to birth. Mothers can make this movement standing, kneeling, squatting, even semi reclining in a tub of water. The one position they cannot use this technique is when they are lying on a bed. Spiralling, and rotating the hips opens the pelvic bones by up to 23% and allows a woman to spontaneously eject her baby from her womb.’

Happy Spiralling :)

Did anyone use this movement to birth their Baby?

Dance with the Spirals of Creation, become aware of the spirals all around us in nature x

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